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is a 4-book Paranormal Romance Series that I am currently working on. It's based on the top four big cats of the Panthera genus: the Jaguar, the Tiger, the Lion, and the Leopard.

The four books will have cat-people (were-cat) characters interacting with each other since they're part of the secret Panthera Society that's the basis of this series, starting with the rare black Jaguar of which there are only two.

Below are the book covers that I've already designed for the books. These are highly erotic (not pornographic!) paranormal romances that I hope you'll (eventually) enjoy.

Samuel Montgomery  the Third  is only child and comes from a wealthy and influential werecat family. He's been impatiently waiting for the "chosen one" to make his mate, who'll give him a "cub" since his Panthera-line can't mate with other genera and reproduce. When she finally arrives at The Bash, he quickly "marks" her as his own. He's discovered that he could sleep with any werecat female and be with a human without transforming into his killer-cat self. With Lanera in his bed, he believes he can permanently be with the one he's lost his heart to years ago while still fulfilling his obligation to preserve the Onca-bloodline...

Lanera Guinness  is no wilting flower! When she learns of her parents' scheme to hitch her to Sam and then learns of his plans to use her for his selfish goals, she's enraged. Then she makes plans of her own: she plans to have Sam fall in love with her and then she'll dump him. This sets the stage for a battle of ferocious wills, and the victor of this war is from certain...


ThePanthera Legacy  Paranormal Romance Series

Jaime Morgan  has two great loves in her life: her family and her secret love for Samuel Montgomery - although the latter doesn't appear to know she exists. But with the tenacity of her tigress' soul, she continues to pursue him. In her blind pursuit of the elusive Sam, she's unaware that someone has noticed her and that she's caught the focused eye of a man with the tenacious soul of a tiger...

Alexander Latimer  has known Jaime nearly all his life, but her childhood obsession with the wealthy and arrogant Sam Montgomery has kept her from even giving him the time of day. Now, as a successful attorney on his way to make partner in his law firm, he's decided it was high-time to make her notice him and, ultimately, make her his...

ThePanthera Legacy  Paranormal Romance Series.

Arielle Corryn  is fearless and proud and always gets what she sets out to get. She's decided that Alex Latimer should be her mate but, unfortunately, Alex isn't of the same mind. That doesn't stop her from pursuing him in her usual bold and fearless way...until her cred of being unafraid of anything is challenged by Dillon "Mr. Meander" Cleander, the owner of the nightclub she works for. It's a challenge she just can't resist, and she's determined to teach him a lesson in the process.

Dillon Cleander  is already thirty-five, and he knows it's high time to find a suitable mate to produce a pride for his generation. Of the many women of his panthera-leo werecat line, only twenty-six year old, Arielle Corryn, captures his fantasy. Unfortunately, she's set her eyes on a lowly tigris-male - lowly in his eyes. Playing on her pride, he challenges her to a day on his yacht, and tells her that she won't be able to resist him; that he'd have her purring by his touch...and then discovers that this challenge is a two-edged sword.