Other Books I'm Working On

Danielle-Marie d'Avalon, a native-born and raised Française and honorable young woman, accompanies her father to Louisiana to visit his adopted sister and her husband, the wealthy des Chevaliers, in order to launch the France-Amérique Freight Lines with their support.
Louie Chevalier, the youngest and only unmarried child of the des Chevaliers, is, much to his parents’ dismay, enjoying bachelorhood entirely too much. Then he’s introduced to the lovely Danielle who is unlike any woman he’s ever met, and is instantly captivated. Problem is, she is the fiancée of another...

Rene de Chardonnay-Etienne, the heir to the de Chardonnay-Etienne Wineries, is a possessive and arrogant man and he's also Danielle's fiance.

Torn between two strong-willed men, Danielle realizes that she must make a choice: honor her engagement to protect her family, or surrender to her passionate heart’s desires and risk losing everything…


Will She Choose Duty ? Or Will She Choose Desire?

On this page I'll be posting what books I've currently planned for publishing. There are quite a few in my private library that need some tweaking, proofing, and editing, so there'll be plenty of books to look forward to.

I'll also post the book covers that I've designed for them. As always - and as my creativity allows - everything is subject to change. Also, please remember that all artwork is mine and copyrighted. If you wish to publish them yourself, please request permission by e-mailing me at Cat@catharinashields.com.

Thank you for your loyal readership!

And remember, reviews are tips for authors!

Handarian "Handee" Rowe,   a Registered Nurse and certified physiotherapist, leaves New York for North Carolina to take the position as a live-in care provider for a young boy, a Young Master Etienne. When she arrives, she realizes that "young" is relative since the patient she was hired to care for isn't a little boy but a grown man in his early thirties!

Etienne Benoit de Beauchampand his twin, Eric, decided long ago that it would be Eric who must carry on the Benoit de Beauchamp name since he, himself, is unable to produce children. Never having desired a family, he's all too happy about this arrangement. But when they meet Handarian for the first time, and as Eric falls for the pretty and spirited, Handarian, and she appears to be attracted to him, Etienne questions the wisdom of his life choices when he discovers he's falling for her, too.