Catharina Shields

March 2011 - Present

I have been writing for online sites since September 2007, and began publishing my work since 2011.

Professional Writing Experience

Professional Skills

As an Independent Author, I'm well-versed in copywriting for print and e-publishing sites with all the major e-book retailers. 

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Smashwords, amazon, Kobo, barnes&noble, Apple ibooks
Independent author
  • I was responsible for all facets of publishing from writing the first word to publishing in all formats.  
  • I also format my books for print (paperback).

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my new author website!

As an Independent Author, I've had to learn how to design my own book covers. Thanks to the help of graphic artists kind enough to help, I've learned the tricks of the trade.

I believe in the power of the written word. I've seen it transform lives first hand - mine being the first.

In heart and soul, I am an insufferable romantic. I'm also a coffee addict (switched from strong Italian Roast from Starbucks to Gevalia's Dark Roast - and yes, no bitter aftertaste just as the commercial says!). I'm a lover of all things 80's, Jane Austen fan(atic), supernatural buff, exotic goldfish keeper, prefer Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, and when I'm writing, spam masubi as a meal or steaming hot Pho. Oh, and telling a good romance story with lots of twists and turns.

Age: Really?
CURRENT HOME: Inland Empire
DEGREE: School of Hard Knocks
FAVORITE WRITER: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss,

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Book Cover Designer

I’m an Independent Author based in Southern California, U.S. A.


Author of Unusual Romance